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New Infill Development For St. Marys

St. Marys has a mix of housing styles from older brick or limestone dwellings to new builds that are for the most part clad in brick or vinyl siding.

Steven Manicom, director of Hillside Property Developments, has brought a new style to St. Marys. He built his own Mid-Century Modern home in 2022 and is now in the process of constructing two additional houses in the same style. These properties are located in the private Skunk’s Hollow area of town, on St. Andrew Street North.

A tour of his own 4,200 square foot home, called the “St. Andrew Residence”, revealed many high-end finishes and roof top balconies with a spectacular view of the ravine at the rear of the lot. Beside this house is the first of two more homes being built for resale. It will be a 2,000 sq ft one floor unit that should be ready for occupancy in May. Steven has named this structure the “Hollow Hill House”. Once completed, Steven will commence construction of the second resale home which will be another 1 floor dwelling with approximately 3,000 square feet.

Steven grew up in St. Thomas and moved to London to attend Fanshawe College for their business program. Upon graduation, he entered the real estate business. His education background also includes the real estate development program at Cornell University. His company prides itself on creative properties that focus more on the “form following function” approach. They believe that the shape of a property or “space” should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose, also keeping in touch with nature on each design.

These cedar or wood sided homes certainly fit in well with their natural environment.

If you are interested in learning more about this infill development, please contact Steven at or call his direct line 519-495-5168.


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