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Hillside Property Developments

Properties that help shape the way we live & interact with our environment.

- Steven Manicom / Director


We're a real estate development company that focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly communities that enhance well-being, prioritize nature, and positively impact the environment and communities we serve.


Our vision is to create exceptional, sustainable spaces that enhance communities and people's lives. We aim to positively impact the communities we serve and contribute to their growth and prosperity.


Our mission is to develop sustainable, eco-friendly communities that integrate harmoniously with nature, and lead the way in environmentally conscious real estate development.

The Times

Now Renting for 2024!

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Experience the perfect blend of history and modern living at The Times. 

Featured Project

Experience the perfect blend of history and modern living at The Times. This 16-unit apartment, located in the former St. Thomas Times Journal building, seamlessly combines the building's rich legacy with modern design. Be a part of this unique transformation and live in a piece of history. Apply Today!


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